We're With Sarah!

Sarah Blyth is a strong force for healing in the community and a trailblazer when it comes to getting things done. She has a clear vision of equitable and healthy neighbourhoods where people's safety, security and well-being are supported by municipal policy and action.  - Donald MacPherson, Executive Director, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

It is my pleasure to endorse the nomination of Sarah Blyth for City Council. She is a social justice leader, a harm reduction pioneer, and a community builder. She understands the needs of her community, she works closely with frontline workers, has extensive experience with local politics and media, and works tirelessly to save and improve the lives of people most affected by the opioid crisis. As a nurse, advocate, and academic, I fully support her nomination and strongly believe that she will make a real difference as a city counselor. She is, by far, the strongest and most prepared candidate for the job.  - Marilou Ganonn

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